Figure 8 Mid-Combo Pack



Burn that belly fat, trim your waistline and enlarge your hips and butt naturally without any side effects in 2-3 Months GUARANTEED.



Mid-Combo Pack Contents

  • 2 Botcho Creams (Day & Night)
  • 1 Curvhance Pills


  • Botcho Creams – 2 months
  • Curvhance Pills – 1 month

Botcho Creams

The Botcho 10x cream is an organic butt enhancement cream that combines a carefully selected blend of African, Thai natural herbs, roots and vitamins to increase the volume of your buttocks, enhance curves & eliminate stretch marks.


Very effective anytime cream, comes with guaranteed results.

No. of cups needed depends on your body type, skin toughness and how flat you are. We usually recommend starting with one cup to know if that’s enough for you so you don’t buy extra cups without the need to. The cream works similar to your hair growth cream, simply act as a booster for the body’s estrogen hormone and also stimulate the cells in the butt region to retain and store more fat leading to a gradual increase. Results don’t disappear after you stop using the cream.

Contains Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica contains the highest phytoestrogenic content of all the phytoestrogenic herbs. It is the only plant known to contain Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol – which are structurally similar to estradiol and mimic the effects of it in the human body.

Estrogen is the most important hormone for storing fat on your buttocks and hip region. The three main estrogen hormones are estradiol, estrone, and estradiol. Out of these 3, estradiol is the strongest. Estrogenic benefits of Pueraria Mirifica includes development of female curves and increased fat storage in the hips and buttocks.

Curvhance Pills

Yes, Curvhance is a blend of 8 all natural, vegetarian and vegan ingredients, not containing any gelatin or animal by-products.

The Curvhance formula was developed to only stimulate growth in the breasts and glutes area while simultaneously helping eliminate fat from problem areas like the arms and belly by shedding excess water weight and bloating. With slender arms and a slimmer waist, this will create the bigger butt and breasts!


Curvhance works by filling out the curves that you are lacking in. So if you are top heavy, Curvhance will help to balance out your body by increasing growth of your hips and butt area, creating a sexy hourglass figure. If you have naturally big breasts, Curvhance will keep them looking youthful in appearance by keeping them perky and firm.

At this time there are no known side effects associated with Curvhance. As Curvhance is a 100% drug-free, natural and safe supplement, its ingredients have numerous health promoting benefits on top of the body enhancing results! If you are taking other medications, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking Curvhance.

We recommend that you do not exceed the stated dosage as taking too much of a supplement can often cause side effects and toxicity, with no improved results. The dose provided in this formulation has been specifically chosen for optimal results.

There are no known side effects associated with discontinued use of Curvhance. You can stop taking the supplements once you have achieved your body goal and are happy with your results. The fat and muscle that is added to your breasts, butt and hips will not be lost by discontinued use of the product.


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